Ask for a Celebrity Testimonial Video

Todd Roberts

Sammy Hagar filmed by Todd Roberts


Prospective clients are learning about you online and videos are sometimes the best way to communicate. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something you could do to help these prospects get to know, like and trust you?

One solution is client testimonials. They build trust and credibility. Unlike written testimonials, video testimonials tend to be more effective. We are wired to accept word of mouth endorsements.

You can supercharge your story, though, with a celebrity testimonial video.

“Whoa”, you might be thinking, “I could never ask a celebrity to give me their seal of approval.” You may be right not to ask in many situations, but here are some times that lend themselves to the ask.

  • Once you have already established a professional or personal relationship
  • You are meeting in person
  • The celebrity benefits as much as you do
  • When it’s easy on everyone involved
  • When you are already doing some video work
  • When the celebrity has already shown an interest in what you are offering

Use The Camera You Have

Testimonials don’t need to flashy productions. Recording on you mobile phone or handheld may even add to realistic social proof. While working on other projects at River Spirit Casino Resort’s Paradise Cove music venue I was called to grab a couple of testimonials. First was with The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar.

And Trace Adkins a couple of weeks later.

Celebrities don’t need to be music or movie stars. Often well-regarded thought leaders from your industry have far more value. So, gather up your courage and simply ask at the right time.

Maybe in time, your relationship with the celebrity becomes strong enough that he’ll send your spouse a personalized video message, as was the case with Hall of Fame baseball player, Wade Boggs.

Should you need some help with testimonial videos or any of your Tulsa video production needs, let me know. Telling stories in Tampa, Tulsa or anywhere in-between. Living’ on Tulsa Time. Or Greenwich Mean Time. Whatever.


Todd Roberts is a multi-passionate, award-winning filmmaker who helps people tell stories for marketing and entertainment. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he uses a solopreneur approach to best serve his clients throughout the world. Todd can help you meet your goals by refining your story for your ideal customer or audience.