Hi, I’m Todd Roberts

You are bombarded with media every day. So much so that it is essentially noise. When it comes to your own communication, you don’t have time to chase all the latest fads and hope you come up with a stunt that allows you to be heard above the constant drone. If your subject is cats or puppies, you could be a viral video lottery winner, but you're not likely to be.
There is one thing that has historically succeeded in communicating messages. Storytelling. Nothing revolutionary about that. People are interested in your story if it’s well told and are especially interested when it relates to them. 
I’m Todd Roberts. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I work globally to produce media that helps you connect with your audience through real and simple storytelling. I work with you to determine a strategic, personalized plan so you can reach your ambitious goals. We can tap into your strengths and craft a story that is uniquely you. One that no one else has. One that isn’t part of the noise.
You can count on my experience to make your project a success. I have produced, directed, shot or edited:
  • over 300 corporate films, videos and commercials
  • over 400 episodes of documentary-style television
  • numerous concerts and events
  • plus, a few movies too.
 I organize the proper teams of people for your project. It may simply be myself with an assistant if needed, or a complete crew of creatives and technicians dedicated to get your job accomplished within your specifications and of course, budget.
I help people tell stories. I use cameras. I don’t do gimmicks.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

— Seth Godin